Project #81 – Mini Gargoyle

I learned something new today: the term ‘gargoyle‘, used in a strictly architectural sense, only covers decorative figures that function as downspouts. Those stone demon figures that I think of when I hear the word ‘gargoyle’ are called ‘chimeras’ or ‘grotesques’ by architects to distinguish the downspout type from its decorative counterpart. I guess I should call my little sculpture a ‘Mini Grotesque instead’.

This little guy is supposed to be a tax-time demon, the good kind that helps you find receipts and discover new deductions. If I were to make a bad tax time demon it would probably have a big vacuum cleaner and an audit dartboard, which would be funnier if our taxes were already done and filed.

Here is a view of the wings and tail in the back. I like putting high, male-pattern-baldness hairlines on my polymer clay creations. I have a hard time sculpting the clay to look like hair, so in this case less is more.

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