Project #80 – Flying Saucer Drinking Glasses

A friend requested an entire hand-drawn set of dishes for her wedding, so I thought I would do a small project that would help me estimate time for a the big one. I had a few quick sketches of flying saucers in my notebook that would translate well as a ceramic decoration.

I finally cracked open a new glaze pen after using the same old one for months. Why don’t I do this all the time? Right. Because I’m a cheapskate and I have to use all of my old pens until the only thing keeping the ink flowing is constant shaking and a fluent stream of obscenities. It might be worth a few dollars to keep extras around if newer pens help me finish projects in one quarter of the time and with one quarter of the cursing.

I only let the aliens snatch one person per glass. Depending on your perspective it could be a picture of someone getting kidnapped or someone returning after a joy ride.

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