Project #78 – Red Dotted Shirt Dress

I’ve been working on this dress off and on for the entire week, but I made the biggest push to finish it off today. I put in my last stitches just 15 minutes before running out the door to take dinner to some friends with a new baby. I threw a machine washable cardigan over it just in case of baby puke, but the little guy just sat in my lap and slept while his parents ate.

I used NL6587. I usually don’t trust New Look patterns, so I made this one out of the cheapest usable fabric I had. What can I say? New Look patterns are dirt cheap so I have a lot in my stash.

The fit was perfect on the first try, but I might make some adjustments to the collar for future versions. I also like the gathered skirt, which would leave room to let out the seams without completely dismantling the dress. Clark and I are considering having children soon, so lately I’ve been looking at every pattern and asking “Can I get fat in this?” It would suck to lose most of my handmade wardrobe should I gain a size or two after pregnancy.

I love shirt dresses. They work even with the weirdest, quirkiest fabric. I want to make one of every color so I can wear them everyday this summer.

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