Project #65 – Hillbilly Dress

Not all dresses were meant to be. The scary thing about sewing the wrong dress is that you can’t put it back on the rack and grab another in a different color or in a size up or down. I chose this pattern because I don’t own any wrap dresses and because it didn’t need a zipper for a closure. I have a limited supply of zippers that I brought over from Japan, so I love any pattern that lets me continue hoarding them.

I’m wearing a shrug in the picture because the cut of the shoulders makes me look like a linebacker. I think this dress would work better for a lady with a bigger rack and more meat on her bones. Luckily, the pattern goes up to size 22 (44 inch bust, 37 inch waist) so it covers a better range than most mall stores. Plus, there’s a little tummy hiding voodoo due to the empire waist.

The dress gets its name from the fabric. It’s a handkerchief style pattern, with a little edge from skulls, guns and cards…if it is possible for cotton fabric to have an edge.

I’m about a week and a half into my Lenten no “meat with feet” fast. I’m starting to fantasize about steaks and big fat hamburgers. I consoled myself with a dressed up pizza.

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