Project #48 – Fake Poop

My brother-in-law Jon bought us a copy of What’s Your Poo Telling You? for Christmas. You can probably guess what this book is about from the title. Jon went through some rough medical times last October and a copy of this little book would have saved him a few blood transfusions by helping him recognize an upper GI bleed. Truly, WIYPTY is really worth it for the illustrations alone. It’s been sitting on our coffee table for a few months, and every time friends visit poop ends up as a topic of conversation. Some people like to share.

I got the idea to make my own fake poop and it was almost as if I couldn’t not make it.

I rolled out little balls of Fimo polymer clay and stuck them together to give them the right shape. Usually, this is the point where I would look up a picture of whatever I was making so that I could have something to work from. However, the internet is too powerful for this topic and I’m scared of what I would have seared to my eyeballs. Instead, I used the power of my imagination.

I added a few little lumps of transparent clay on one side to get some texture, but I’m not sure I like the effect. (Update: it looks much better with a coat of gloss!)

I sealed it in Mod Podge to get the right sheen. So, that means that I spent 20 minutes this evening carefully stippling a fake turd with a sponge brush so that the texture would be juuust right. Nobel Prize, please!

The Mod Podge isn’t quite dry, but it will have all night to cure as it sits on my husband’s car seat.

*Update* Clark’s reaction: “Actually, that scared the heck out of me this morning until I saw the glaze and immediately associated it with you. Then I laughed about it. So whatever you were trying to accomplish, you succeeded.”

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