Project #46 – Abraham Lincoln Spoon Holder

Today is President’s Day and Abraham Lincoln just had his 200th birthday. There was no day off for me today, but I decided to celebrate by making my own Abraham Lincoln, one that would be able to help out at work or in the kitchen, or sit on my computer monitor and hold on to my only pencil.

I shaped his arms by placing a measuring cup in place while the figurine was cooking.

I do really admire Abraham Lincoln, but James A. Garfield is my favorite president despite being assassinated after only four months in office. I’ve been trying to learn a little about all of the presidents, but some are easier to get to know than others. I I can’t remember anything about Rutherford B. Hayes other than that he was from Ohio and not keen on civil rights. I can name all of the presidents, but not quite in order and there’s nothing like a good anecdote to help me remember someone. Research!

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