Project #42 – Valentine’s Day Outfit

So instead of making just a skirt (’cause it’s Make-A-Skirt Thursday[!]) I made a whole outfit today. And now I am sitting on the couch and sagging over because I’ve been sewing since I got home. I even made a very sloppy and unusable crinoline, but by that point I’d already make a shirt and a skirt and I was tired and more interested in doing it quickly rather than doing it well. Next time I will quit earlier and have a whole extra hour to watch trashy TV and fantasize about Moravian sugar cake.

Sadly, I won’t be able to wear this tomorrow without a cardigan, an underskirt and a pair of boots. This is because I live at a dumb latitude.

The skirt from Vogue 2988 and the shirt is from Simplicity 3835. I’m contemplating cutting out my clothes for Saturday, but going to bed is sounding much better.

Also, I made and ate a bowl of avocado with chirashi rice. It’s a five minute meal if you have a automatic rice cooker.

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