Project #29: Tulle Circle Skirt Crinoline

It’s Make-A-Skirt Thursday! Today I’m going to use the circle skirt pattern I made on Tuesday to make a crinoline. The picture above is a little scary, but I promise that I’m wearing a slip underneath and the whole thing is meant to be an undergarment.

Tulle was on sale last week, so I bought about 7 yards of black and 7 yards of blue (75 cents a yard! Yay!). I was originally planning on making a crinoline out of just one of the colors, but it’s the cheap stuff, so I ended up using all of both so that I wouldn’t end up with a sad, limp crinoline.

First I cut my tulle into 45 inch squares (I ended up with a total of 8) and laid them over my circle skirt pattern one by one, and pinned them down. It’s winter and there’s a lot of static around, so it’s best to lay each layer down and resist shifting them around.

After cutting out the donut shape of the skirt, I pinned the middle together and basted to keep all 8 layers lined up. Next, I cut out a piece of elastic that was just a little shorter than my waist measurement.

I sewed the elastic to the skirt, leaving the first two inches free, and stretching the elastic as I sewed.

When I got to the last three inches of elastic I sewed it to the first three inches, right sides together and clipping the excess. I then sewed the remainder to the skirt. All done!

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