Project #27 – Circle Skirt Pattern

I’ve been a slacker about Make-A-Skirt Thursdays, so today will be devoted to preparations to make sure it happens this week. My dress to skirt ratio for the year to date is 5:1, which is dismal considering that one of those clothing items has a dedicated day of the week.

Today’s project will focus on my technique for making a circle skirt pattern from scratch. I’ll be using it to make multi-layered petticoat on Thursday. For the single pattern piece, I’ll be using a piece of fabric from a bolt that I bought for $5 from a going out of business sale. It’s a heavier cotton and about 48 inches in width, so it’s a good size for a knee-length skirt for someone of my height.

First, I measured out 45 inches so that I would have a square to work from. I folded the piece of fabric into quarters so that I could mark the center with a piece of tailor’s chalk. Using a yardstick, I measured out the distance to one of the sides and marked that off. Then, moving in a circle, I rotated my yard stick around the center point and made a 48 inch wide circle.

Following the markings, I cut out my circle. Next, I cut out my center hole. To figure out how big it should be I used the circumference equation, circumference = 2πr. I substituted my waist size for the circumference and solved for r and got about 4 inches. I’ll be using elastic to secure my future skirt, so I’ll make the opening a bit wider. If I were going to use a zipper, I’d just cut open part of the skirt.

Lastly, I pulled on the pattern piece to check for length. This is about right for spring and summer clothes.

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