Project #25 – Architecture Dress

I think this is one of my favorite dresses that I’ve every made. The fit has a little to do with it, I love an A-line skirt, but it’s mostly because of the fabric. I love unusual prints, especially if they feature text or diagrams. This one is covered with an architectural plan for a house, and the fact that it is riddled with typos makes it twice as charming.

I picked up the fabric from Momenya-Makino in Shimokitazawa, a neighborhood in western Tokyo. The store itself was really small, but crammed from floor to ceiling with bolts of fabric. The staff was really helpful and helped me grab a bolt of fabric from the bottom of a teetering stack. I actually own this fabric pattern in three different colors, but the black design is definitely more wearable than its hot pink or bright orange counterparts.

The pattern for this dress is 5094 from McCalls. Two meters of fabric wasn’t quite enough to do the full length dress, but it was appropriate for the view F, which has a contrast border. I like the fit a lot, but it’s fitted so perfectly that it would be uncomfortable if I were to gain more than a few pounds.

I’ve been trying to plan my handmade wardrobe so that I would still be able to wear most of it after having kids, but this dress might be one piece limited to my pre-baby life. Midriff bands are not kind to changing bodies.

I need to slow down on the dress-making. I’ve already made 25 and the closets in this house are small. This is the fifth dress I’ve made just this month, and it’s another one that will have to wait until spring for full utilization.

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