Project #17 – Ruler Fabric Sundress

This is the third dress that I’ve made this year that will have to wait until Spring to leave the house. Stupid winter.

I pulled this blue ruler fabric out of my stash after reading about some similar fabric on Dress A Day. I knew exactly how I was going to sew this dress as soon as I matched my fabric to a pattern. The last thing I wanted my ruler fabric to do was to broadcast how wide I am or how big my boobs are in the imperial system. So, I positioned my pattern pieces to keep the pattern running vertical, or at an angle, really anything but horizontal. I even broke the front bodice into two pieces and sewed it chevron style pointing to my face, because that’s where people should be looking anyway.

This pattern is another New Look, NL6676, and not surprisingly it look a load of fitting adjustments. I never understood New Look’s crazy ease calculations. Why would anyone want a bust line with four extra inches of fabric? One inch would have been plenty to keep the fit comfortable and not leave the wearer swimming in fabric.

Plus, while the bust was too big, the fanny was the right size, so I know it’s not a direct up or down sizing issue. Using the same size for another pattern company would have left me with a garment that fit my whole body. These seem to be sized for people with major implants. Arg. I should know better.

The worst part is that I know I’m going to make this pattern again. I meant my ruler dress to be a wearable muslin so that I could proof the pattern for some of my precious Japanese fabric. I guess it’s good that I’ll at least have a better idea of the pitfalls the second time around. Sadly, I haven’t found a better sundress pattern as far as using the tiny amount of fabric (less than 1.5 yards) that this one does.

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