Really?! It’s Our Anniversary?

It’s official. Mr. Lollipop and I have been married for a whole year. I’m not even done writing about our wedding and we’re already back at the same place in our orbit around the sun. (Kids, if you ever want to finish what you started never take a job at a start-up. That goes double if you’re the only one with your job title.)

Plus, I think we have about 10 thank you cards left to write. Crud. I hope Emily Post doesn’t decide to haunt us. They’re also the awkward thank you cards, the ones for people who bought us things that we can’t quite identify.

“Dear Aunt Bea,

Thank you for the…umm…trivet? wall medallion? bumpy plate? We will treasure it always.

The Lollipops”

Mr. Lollipop keeps on talking about how this has been the fastest year of his life; I can’t help but agree. I’m really happy being married, and I really like being able to say ‘my husband’. It just has so much more impact than saying ‘my boyfriend’; it’s so much more…permanent. “I’ll ask my husband” sounds like a much better deflection than “I’ll ask my boyfriend.”

Actually, this is turning into an anniversary week. Mr Lollipop has a surprise trip planned for this weekend and I’ll be blindfolded for most of the drive. He also wrote a poem and did a lovely origami reenactment of our wedding day, which was perfect for our paper anniversary (see above picture).

For my part, I gave him a book of photos, including a few that he can look back in the years to come and remember when I had abs. I also chalked up the front steps with happy messages.

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