The Lollipops Get Hitched: Part 3 – Poise!

Part 1: Tryin’ to Get the Pretty

Part 2: Please Help Me; I Can’t Dress Myself

There was a weird bit of time between getting ready and finally entering the ceremony. We needed to take a few pre-cerenony pictures, but at the same time I wanted to be seen by as few people as possible, and I especially didn’t want Mr. Lollipop to see me before the ceremony. My bridesmaids and family members acted as guards and messengers to clear each room before I could advance like a king piece on a chessboard.

All photos below are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

We waited on the landing until the front hall cleared. I can’t remember what was said to give me that facial expression, but it was probably something scandalous.

Meeting up with my dad for the first time after getting dressed:

Each of the mothers recieved fragrant gardenia corasges. Coincidentally, the bloom is a favorite of both of our mothers.

The groom and wedding coordinator gave out last minute directions and smoothed unexpected kinks.

Me with my abuelita:

This is one of my favorite pictures of me with my dad.

My mom gave me her wedding ring as my ‘something borrowed’. I was expecting her to loan me a different, less sentimental ring, so I was surprised and honored.

We snuck a few pictures in the chapel before the guests were seated.

I can’t believe how gigantic my dress looed from the rear. It never seemed that big in the garment bag, but after putting it on it appears that I could hide my own pretzel cart under the train. Mmm…pretzel.

My husband likes pictures of me making funny faces. I did my best Bridezilla for him in this photo.

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