The Lollipops Get Hitched: Part 2 – Please Help Me; I Can’t Dress Myself

Part 1: Tryin’ to Get the Pretty

Ah, it’s been a while. A month or two ago I managed to get a promotion at work. The good news is that I get to run my own project and hire people. The bad news is that I work longer hours and have less time for blogging. Wah! Still, Mr. Lollipop and I had a wonderful wedding day and I really want to share our pictures.

All photos below are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

My arrival at St. Andrew’s Episcopal:

My lovely $100 dress, a garment I learned to love again:

My mom and I puzzled over my broken iron. No steaming for us.

Here is the full view of the wrinkles. We never did get the iron functioning and after five minutes I said ‘screw it’ and put on my dress. Luckily, it was a warm day so the wrinkles fell out on their own.

Sadly, I couldn’t put my own shoes on without falling over. Wedding dresses are heavier than they appear.

My mom looked great!

Me with my veil over my face during adjustments:

My veil attached to my comb using tiny neodymium magnets. We did this so I could take it on and off without disturbing my hair.

Finally, a look in the mirror…

a hug from my mom…

…(She did get a little weepy.)…(Aww.)…

…and I’m on my way.


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