Handing Out the Goods

I’ve never received an out of town bag, but I decided to give them out because everyone loves tiny gifts in bags, right? They are a fun way to welcome guests who traveled far, but due to the flurry of activity before the wedding might not get to see the bride and groom until the big day. Nothing says love like a nice note and a snack when you can’t be there.

It wouldn’t be a gift bag without a bag. I screen printed canvas totes with an image of a ticker tape machine:

Gift bags are ideal for distributing two things, information and stuff. Really, the information is the important part. We enclosed the following in our welcome note:

  • A schedule of all wedding related activities
  • Directions to our ceremony and reception locations
  • Walking directions to nearby restaurants that we like
  • A local contact phone number just in case anyone got lost

If you’re on a budget, this will be more than enough to keep guests on track for the weekend. The rest of the stuff, including the bag, is just for fun. Our fun stuff included the following:

My mom helped me mix up and package the trail mix in our kitchen.

We handed out a mix of banana chips, sunflower seeds, vanilla rum peanuts, golden raisins and pepitas. Our concoction was a big hit with our guests.

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