Staving Off the Post-Wedding Blues

The prospect of a post-wedding crash is scary, isn’t it? Planning and preparation for my wedding seemed to occupy all of my free time for the entirety of my 13 month engagement. I didn’t even like weddings before I got engaged, but overnight they became my obsession. I could see that feeling on the horizon, the “What do I do now?” feeling that would ambush me after the honeymoon.

So, stupidly/smartly signed up to participate in a local art/craft show as a vendor. I do this show every year, but I usually take the preceding six months to make/test prototypes and build up stock. With only six weeks between the end of our honeymoon and the show I thought I would take a year off. Two days before the wedding I realized how bored I would be and sent off the application on a whim. I found out I was accepted during our honeymoon and upon arrival back to our abode I have been in non-stop production mode. The show is this weekend and I am finally ready to get off of this DIY roller coaster. I am ready for a break.

I’m really looking forward to getting our lives back. Suddenly the prospect of a weekend trip isn’t so terrifying, nor is the idea of spending a weekend on our house instead of running wedding errands or tying a thousand tiny bows. Our housekeeping is in a state of deep neglect and I’ll be happy to finally turn the situation around. Our living room has not been dusted for a year and our fridge has turned into a chamber of mysteries.

Mr. Lollipop was excited after the wedding because he would finally have time to exercise and lose weight. He’s also psyched about having time to fence in our back yard so we can get the dog he always wanted.

What did you do to chase away the post-wedding blues? What do you look forward to doing after the wedding?

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