Take Your Photographer to the Zoo Day

Some of you might remember that I fired our original photographer one month before our wedding. In hindsight, it was probably one of the best things I could have done to make our event less stressful, mostly because we ended up hiring a wonderful photographer, Mike Purvis. Instead of fighting us about how/when/what of our pictures, Mike listened and did his best to give us exactly what we wanted. While his services and those of his partner, Summer, are more expensive than our original guy, I feel like it was money well spent on two photographers who really clicked with us.

Plus, as a bonus, Mike did a walk-through with me for both of our venues. Both were new to him and there was a good possibility that the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Aquarium, our reception location, would be a challenge to photograph. So, I met him one day last August and we spent an afternoon at the zoo.

More than anything, it was good practice for me. I am not used to being photographed and it was nice to have a chance to get used to being in front of the camera.

I’ll admit that I had fun trying to act casual while Mike snapped dozens of pictures.

He managed to get some good location photos and we might use a few of these to round out the album. I especially liked this shot of the underwater tunnel,

and this shot of the aquarium’s indoor jungle.

Mike also caught some great shots of the animals. For instance, this peacock peaking in the window on the aquarium roof,

or this curious fish,

or one of the impassive bears in the exhibit just a stone’s throw from the aquarium.

Mike also had a chance to visit our ceremony venue and talk to our officiant, Rector Bruce Robison. It was a huge relief to me for them to work out the photography rules ahead of time. I wanted great photographs, but ones that wouldn’t annoy or distract our pastor, a man we greatly respect. I am pleased to report that I didn’t notice either photographer during the ceremony. Good job with the ninja skills, guys!

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