Photos from Friends and Family

I admit it, we totally stole Ms. Lemon’s idea to collect photos from friends and family using flickr. We printed our account information on the back of our seating cards, and while they weren’t as pretty as Madame Lemon’s, they did the trick. Well, it helped to have a bridesmaid willing to cajole people by email. (Go Aileen!)

We ended up with some wonderful photos that have a slightly different perspective than our professional ones. My favorite is the shot below of us immediately after the ceremony.

Some photos captured memorable moments even before our photographers arrived. We made the boys wait in the basement after I ran home to get my dress. I didn’t want Mr. Lollipop to see me after I’d had my hair and makeup done.

Other pictures revealed the point of view of our friends and family. Along side our professional pictures they provided a more complete record of the day.

I needed lots of help getting my shoes on.

My ladies looked fabulous as they waited for pre-ceremony pictures.

We took a long ride up the zoo escalator to get to the aquarium shuttle.

The best man served as guardian over our plastic Blessed Virgin Mary as we moved her from the ceremony to the reception.

Some of our friends clowned around in the tunnels around the stingray tank.

There are many more photos still to come once our professional shots are ready for release. Stay tuned!

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