Tryin’ to Get the Pretty

The one bad thing about getting married on a Sunday is that all of the independent, super-fancy-pants salons are closed. (Rats! No temple massages!) I wanted to give all of my ladies a chance to get their hair done, but that would be impractical time-wise if we hired someone to come to us for hair and make-up. Despite being a DIY bride, I knew that I was too incompetent to even do my own eye-liner, so we turned to a local chain for our prettification needs.

Here are the final results. Photo credit goes to my Maid of Honor and her fashion photography skills.

We used Philip Pelusi on the South Side of Pittsburgh. I did a hair trial there and was happy with the results. For both my trial and the wedding day my beautician was Christina, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a hair and makeup artist. She got married the month before me and had plenty of war stories to share, including a summer storm that caused so many downed trees that her rehearsal almost had to be canceled.

The back also turned out wonderfully. However, my stubborn hair only lasted this way for an hour and a half, but I wanted to do something out of the ordinar because our wedding guests would be staring at the back of us for most of the ceremony.

Mr. Lollipop was obsessed with my hair even after it de-curled itself. It stayed poofy (but not in a bad way) for the rest of the evening and he liked touching it.

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