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Project #258 – Carved Monster Pumpkin

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

I hosted a pumpkin carving party today. We purchased too many pumpkins and then spent what seemed like forever cleaning out the guts and seeds. Those fancy white pumpkins are especially stubborn about getting cleaned out; I think I’ll stick to orange ones in the future.

I used some of my Lino block carving tools to do a multi-layered pumpkin, using the skin as one color, the exposed flesh as another, and the fully carved through areas as the last one. I learned that you really have keep the exposed flesh in a thin layer just to have the light of the candle make it through.

There was a lot of cursing from me, but few accidental stabbings, so I came out ahead.

It’s not the cleanest space alien pumpkin carving, but not bad for an hour of actual work.