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Project #252 – Wedding Cake Cake Topper with Rosettes

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Okay, take two. The more I look at the first set of wedding cake toppers, the goofier they look. So, I took a little extra time today and made a more serious set, with better actual wedding cake resemblance. I should package them with a seal that says exactly that. “NOW WITH ACTUAL WEDDING CAKE RESEMBLANCE!!” Oh, and “NOW WITH FRESH VANILLA SCENT!!” I will sell millions.

I would need special tools to add faces to the people at the top of the cake. Do half inch tall people with no faces freak people out? I could spin it in a positive light. “NOW WITH DISAPPOINTMENT-FREE FACES!!”

Project #251 – Dia De Los Muertos Cake Toppers

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Sugar skulls are not that tasty, but I will still eat them with my mouth until gone. I love sugar a little to much.

I’m Hispanic, but I wasn’t raised in a culture that celebrates Dia de los Muertos. Instead, we celebrated All Saints Day and the children in my church could dress up like their favorite saint. It was a second, Catholic halloween and every year I dressed as Joan of Arc. We were expected to pray for the souls of our deceased friends and family, especially the ones that died within the year before, but not with the pomp and ritual of the Day of the Dead.

It’s a holiday I wish we had. To me, I wish there was a less painful was of saying hello/goodbye to loved ones every year. I’m on board for anything that involves a celebration and party favors and sugary treats in lieu of sitting alone and crying during the hard years.

More importantly, they glow in the dark. That is not only awesome, but useful in case of a power outage to keep guests from tripping over the cake.

Project #250 – Wedding Cake Cake Topper

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Continuing on my wedding cake topper trend, I decided to carry out my previous imagining of a wedding cake topped with smaller wedding cakes. I wanted the wedding cake cake toppers with even tinier wedding cake cake toppers, but they looked a little too abstract to be read as tiny wedding cakes. So, I replaced them with tiny brides and grooms.

I think this is one of the goofiest, dumbest things I’ve made for a while, but they make me smile on some primal level, possibly the same primal level that secretly enjoys Ziggy cartoons.

Project #249 – Teapot Cake Toppers

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

I’m glad that we, as a people, have managed to shed the confinement of pastel wedding colors and branch off into the more saturated areas of the color table. In fact, it’s been ages since I attended a peach or mint green affair, two colors that seemed to be very popular circa 1974 according to my family albums. Even the weddings that I’ve attended lately with something pale like pink as a signature color always have something bold like chocolate brown to keep the palette from being washed out.

I like it. I like reds and bright blues and deep, limpid purples. I love golden yellow bridesmaid dresses and wedding cakes that reject the traditional white on white palette. It’s pleasant to attend a wedding and spend an evening stewing in a carefully selected set of colors.

I’m kind of in love with bright blue and yellow as key colors right now. I made this coffee carafe and teapot out of some leftover blue polymer clay that transfixed me like a bower bird.

Also, I’m a tea aficionado married to a coffee fancier, so I kind of hope that I don’t sell this set and get to keep it for…I don’t know…something. Um, a birthday? I’m already married, but everyone needs a teapot with a veil, AMIRITE?

Project #248 – Robot Mugs

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I have a stash of Pebeo China Paint markers so that I always have fresh ones at my fingertips. The older a paint marker is, the harder it is to get a steady ink flow. The tips also deteriorate quickly; they start with nice thin lines, but after a while it blunts and the lines get thicker. However, I really like the chunky lines of a mildly broken-in marker, it gives drawings character.

I like the illustrations on these mugs, but it wish I had made them a little smaller just so I could get those nice thick lines in proportion to the drawings. I pulled it off a little better here, but I still need to work on consistency. I feel like I have a set of illustrations I can draw with uniform results, but I need some more practice on getting predictable results from my tools.

It’s always been the ability to do something consistently and quickly that separates the hobbiest from the professional. I could use a little more of that in my fingertips.