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Project #49 – Number Skirt

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Arg. I didn’t quite finish today’s project, so Make-A-Skirt Thursday will probably turn into Make-A-Skirt Friday morning. I head wasn’t quite in the game so I ended up ripping out more seams than usual. Puh.

The pattern is view A McCall’s 5591. I really like how this pattern doesn’t use much fabric, but it still delivers a full skirt with pockets, and pockets are my favorite. I lengthened the skirt in lieu of the hem band, but it still used less than 1.5 meters of fabric.

I still need to insert a zipper, iron it, and hem it, but I’m too achy from picking out misplaced stitches (and cursing about breaking my good seam ripper) to finish before going to bed.

The fabric is from Yuzawaya in Kamata. Clark and his former host mom made faces when I showed it to them, but I knew from the second I bought it that I would make it into a skirt. It’s a cute fabric…hmm…maybe too cute. Women can still wear stuff like the this if they’re under 30, right?

Project #42 – Valentine’s Day Outfit

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

So instead of making just a skirt (’cause it’s Make-A-Skirt Thursday[!]) I made a whole outfit today. And now I am sitting on the couch and sagging over because I’ve been sewing since I got home. I even made a very sloppy and unusable crinoline, but by that point I’d already make a shirt and a skirt and I was tired and more interested in doing it quickly rather than doing it well. Next time I will quit earlier and have a whole extra hour to watch trashy TV and fantasize about Moravian sugar cake.

Sadly, I won’t be able to wear this tomorrow without a cardigan, an underskirt and a pair of boots. This is because I live at a dumb latitude.

The skirt from Vogue 2988 and the shirt is from Simplicity 3835. I’m contemplating cutting out my clothes for Saturday, but going to bed is sounding much better.

Also, I made and ate a bowl of avocado with chirashi rice. It’s a five minute meal if you have a automatic rice cooker.

Project #29: Tulle Circle Skirt Crinoline

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

It’s Make-A-Skirt Thursday! Today I’m going to use the circle skirt pattern I made on Tuesday to make a crinoline. The picture above is a little scary, but I promise that I’m wearing a slip underneath and the whole thing is meant to be an undergarment.

Tulle was on sale last week, so I bought about 7 yards of black and 7 yards of blue (75 cents a yard! Yay!). I was originally planning on making a crinoline out of just one of the colors, but it’s the cheap stuff, so I ended up using all of both so that I wouldn’t end up with a sad, limp crinoline.

First I cut my tulle into 45 inch squares (I ended up with a total of 8) and laid them over my circle skirt pattern one by one, and pinned them down. It’s winter and there’s a lot of static around, so it’s best to lay each layer down and resist shifting them around.

After cutting out the donut shape of the skirt, I pinned the middle together and basted to keep all 8 layers lined up. Next, I cut out a piece of elastic that was just a little shorter than my waist measurement.

I sewed the elastic to the skirt, leaving the first two inches free, and stretching the elastic as I sewed.

When I got to the last three inches of elastic I sewed it to the first three inches, right sides together and clipping the excess. I then sewed the remainder to the skirt. All done!

Project #27 – Circle Skirt Pattern

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I’ve been a slacker about Make-A-Skirt Thursdays, so today will be devoted to preparations to make sure it happens this week. My dress to skirt ratio for the year to date is 5:1, which is dismal considering that one of those clothing items has a dedicated day of the week.

Today’s project will focus on my technique for making a circle skirt pattern from scratch. I’ll be using it to make multi-layered petticoat on Thursday. For the single pattern piece, I’ll be using a piece of fabric from a bolt that I bought for $5 from a going out of business sale. It’s a heavier cotton and about 48 inches in width, so it’s a good size for a knee-length skirt for someone of my height.

First, I measured out 45 inches so that I would have a square to work from. I folded the piece of fabric into quarters so that I could mark the center with a piece of tailor’s chalk. Using a yardstick, I measured out the distance to one of the sides and marked that off. Then, moving in a circle, I rotated my yard stick around the center point and made a 48 inch wide circle.

Following the markings, I cut out my circle. Next, I cut out my center hole. To figure out how big it should be I used the circumference equation, circumference = 2πr. I substituted my waist size for the circumference and solved for r and got about 4 inches. I’ll be using elastic to secure my future skirt, so I’ll make the opening a bit wider. If I were going to use a zipper, I’d just cut open part of the skirt.

Lastly, I pulled on the pattern piece to check for length. This is about right for spring and summer clothes.

Project #16 – Adding an On-Seam Pocket

Friday, January 16th, 2009

This is a follow-up on yesterday’s post. I raced through my skirt and forgot to add a pocket. I don’t like carrying around purses, so I like to have a spot for my keys, wallet and cell phone on my person, hence, my need for pockets.

First, I used tailor’s chalk to trace out a pocket. I like to make mine deep. I cut out a total of four, two for each side. I like to use matching fabric so that it’s not noticeable if the pocket gaps a little bit when full.

Use a seam ripper to create an opening on the seam where you want your pocket. Make it as wide as your pocket piece, plus an inch on either side.

Right sides together, sew one pocket piece to one side of the pocket opening. Do the same with the other side of pocket opening and a mirror image pocket piece. Turn to the inside.

Turn your skirt inside-out. Match up the edges of your pocket and sew them together. Sew up the 1 inch openings above and below the pocket in the seam line. Turn your skirt right-side-out. You’re done!

It will be a little more difficult to add a pocket to the zipper side. This skirt will be one-pocketed until I figure it out and rehearse a couple of times. I’ll carry my cell phone in my bra until then.

Project #15 – Blue Corduroy Skirt

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

It’s Make-A-Skirt Thursday! I got home late, so I threw together a corduroy version of one of my favorite skirt patterns. I totally forgot that I meant to add pockets until I’d already finished tacking down the inner yoke lining. I guess tomorrow’s project will be to go back and add them.

The picture is terrible, and the skirt needs to be ironed, but I am tired and I really want to lay down. I hate looking at multiple horrible pictures in photoshop and having to pick the least crappy one. I went with the one where my skirt looks like Big Foot.

Here is a review of my favorite skirt pattern that I wrote last spring.