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It’s a Steal and It Was on TV!

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Okay, I will admit that I am a huge fan of Arrested Development. I own all of the DVDs, refer to each episode by its title, and force friends to watch whenever I get the chance. So, I have been following the official prop and wardrobe auctions since the beginning on ebay.

So, why am I posting about this? Well, this week there is a wedding dress for sale, one worn on screen by Charlize Theron as she played the part of Rita in the third season. And while Charlize might have worn it over her clothes, it’s still a cute dress by the designer brand Melody Of CA and a steal at $103 (as of this posting). Plus, it comes with a fuzzy pink crown. How could anyone resist?

There isn’t any size information available, so be prepared to invest in a good seamstress.

The Getaway Dress for My Getaway

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

My ‘getaway’ dress was once supposed to be my wedding dress. On a trip to Thailand two years ago, one year before my engagement, I had the top secretly made at a tailor’s shop while attending a Machine Translation conference alone. I had been with my (now) fiance for about five years. At the time, I’d imagined a much more casual wedding, possibly with a bowling alley reception. So, I went to the shop, gave them a sketch and it was in my hands three days later.

My wedding has changed to a much more formal affair and my simple bowling-ready dress has been replaced by a beaded number with a train. However, it would be a shame to let such a pretty silk top go to waste. Now, it will be what I change into when my wedding dress gets to be too cumbersome at the reception.

I purchased matching silk after my aborted New York Father’s Day trip and made a knee length circle skirt to complete the outfit. Just to add some character, I drew a picture of a vine a few days later and silk screened it around the hem.